Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I just finish adding HDD onto my Vmware server.

the step :

- choose vm that you wish to add the HDD
- edit setting
- add and choose HDD
- follow the instruction
- after adding go to server (freebsd)
- type sysinstall
- choose fdisk
- BEWARE! please make sure your HDD before you format it!
- after you choose your HDD, choose A and W (write the HDD)
- after finish,exit and choose label
- choose C (create) , edit the label and W (write) the HDD.
- edit the fstab (ee /etc/fstab)

example :
but beware too remember the path your HDD before edit the fstab.

/dev/da1s1d /data ufs rw 2 2

- save and reboot.

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