Monday, March 8, 2010

Change location HDD from original VM to another VM

If you have 1 server seperate 2 HDD example 1 for OS & another for data. Let talk about when the OS have a problem than how gonna you take out the HDD data to another VM machine. So this tutorial i made for me and for you as a knowledge tp know.

server A - original server have 2 HDD
server B - server


- when OS in server A crash or corrupted, don't panic! here the step. your data is save because you have a separated HDD on your VM.
- firstly create your new VM, install OS (for me i using Freebsd) after finish please add another HDD when the installation is completed. so now you have 2 HDD (the size on additional HDD depend on your server & need (in my case i create same capacity with the original server capacity for data))
- log in into server B and format the HDD using sysinstall (fdisk & label) the HDD. (remember to add at /etc/fstab for your new HDD)
- after finish format, open VM client browse the datastore your server A located.
- copy the second HDD.vmdk ( by default your HDD will namely nameserver_1.vmdk) copy this file and browse the folder server B & paste inside the folder server B.
- after finish copy you need to rename your the vmdk file that you copy from server B. To this try to ssh inside the vmware machine, by default your vm not allow the ssh protocol you need to open it.
- ssh your VM, go to /vmfs/volumes/datastore1 , go to path your server directory
- backup the nameserverB_1.vmdk to nameserverB_1ORI.vmdk
- rename the vmdk that you copy before nameserverA_1.vmdk to nameserverB_1.vmdk
- turn on your VM.


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