Monday, March 1, 2010

FreeBSD (add extra HDD on VMWare Environment)

FreeBSD add another HDD on VMWARE and format it

- shutdown your server.
- open your vmware & choose the server you want to add
- edit & add HDD
- Turn on your server.
- become as root type sysinstall
- choose configure & FDISK
- choose a additional HDD that you add before. (BEWARE!!! Do not edit the existing HDD on your server,this may cause your server corrupted!)
- choose entire disk if you want to use all disk & W button (write)
- please choose NONE "do not tpuch master boot record"
- after finish push q button
- go back to main menu & choose Label (this is use to label your HDD)
- select C to create the FS (depend on your need) exp : /test01
- and select W to write the changes
- Select Q and edit at FSTAB (ee /etc/fstab)
- add this line to you fstab line
exp : /dev/da1s1 /test01 ufs rw 2 2
- save and reboot your server.

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