Monday, June 22, 2009

Apache Aut

Apache authorised for single mode.

now I already done doing apache auth in single mod

here the step

edit http.conf
add the following line in http.conf

#apache permission testing
Directory /directory/to/auth/>
AllowOverride AuthConfig

ps: please put < at the begining of file Directory /directory/to/auth and /Directory because i cannot put right now because it will hidden that conf if i put < now.

Create a file /directory/to/auth/.htaccess in that director that looks something like this:

AuthName "Add your login message here."
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /directory/to/auth/.htpasswd
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
require user name-of-user

after that create the file .htpasswd to /directory/to/auth/ (to store password for user)
after that run this htpasswd -c .htpasswd name-of-user
restart apache

done for single user

now I try to auth with LDAP and stil searching the conf. I will let share with you guys if my work done.

taken at :


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