Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Small Linux in town!

The are too many Linux Distro out there so when i googling some open source forum i found this and i like to share with you guys some info of this linux

It is "SLAX 6"

It's 32 bit X86 based Linux platform.
It's ultra portable , it has only 190MB,
included all basic tools and ultilities.
Lots of softwares support too.

The awesome features are:

1. It can be boot from USB thumbdrive, CD, and Harddisk.

2. Install softwares by "Copy And Paste". No headache on installing softwares, drivers, etc...
Because you just need to find and download softwares (known as Modules) in website, and paste it in the folder "Module".

3. Support many softwares, eg: Avast Antivirus, FireFox, VLC player, Messenger, Open Office, Flash Player, J2RE, media codec...

4. Multi Language supported. Can switch OS language. Chinese display/input available.

5. Read and Write NTFS, FAT, FAT32, formatted Harddisk/Flash Disk.

6. Easy to use, fast, compact, reliable, compatible, stable, secure, portable...

It's best to use as alternative OS, and back up agent when you can't load Windows at all.

more more info logon ""

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