Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Installing OCS agent in Windows N Unix and FreeBSD

Ok here what i do when i installing OCS agent for OCS inventory server

Installing Ocsinventory agent in unix / linux

in linux we need to use / and download source at

and installing using tar methods using tar -xzvf

and than running



make install

if have problem when installing ocs and need perl module try to install CPAN

installing CPAN

just type cpan on your shell

after you installing CPAN try to installing perl modules using this CPAN


cpan> install LWM::UserAgent

Installing Ocsinventory agent in FreeBSD.

Install agent using /usr/ports/net_mngmt

make && make install

running ocsinventory -d -l or ocsinventory -d -l

Also you can use tar.gz running on linux installer too the step of installing just follow the linux step.

after done the OCS will prompt some question regarding your system / server.

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